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Hostel Facilities

Hostel is available in the campus. It can accommodate about 800 students.

Management of the Hostel

The General administration of the Hostel is vested with the Principal who is also the Chief Warden. He is assisted by Deputy Wardens and residential tutors. The Deputy Wardens and residential tutors look after the day to day administration of the Hostel.


  • The rooms are spacious and airy.

  • 24 hours Lab Facilities are available.

  • Resident Warden residing in the hostel takes care of the students.

  • Indoor Games.

  • Reading Room.

  • Audio Visual Room.

  • Sick Room.

  • Visitor's Room.

  • Wifi Connectivity.

Medical Facilities

The Hostel has a dispensary. The Medical Officer of the Institute visits the Hostel periodically. A Nurse is present all the time at Ladies Hostel to attend to medical needs.

Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plants at different locations have been installed in the campus. They cater to the needs of all students and staff in the campus.

Phone Facilities

STD Booths are available in both Boys and Girls Hostels. Students are allowed to Utilize the facility except during study hours. Students can receive phone calls from their parents from 5.00 p.m to 8.00 p.m .